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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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another look from our severe weather computer. this is storm will basically affect the south-central part of carroll county. right in the center of all these counties is where the severe impact is. however, to our west is a severe thunderstorm watch. we are going to remain a warm and humid tonight with a good chance of seeing more of this activity. this is in effect until 5:30 p.m., and we will continue to keep you posted. >> you can track storms on your street using our interactive radar. send us your storm pictures at our website, >> of first lady michelle obama is in baltimore tonight all prepared to throw out a pitch at camden yards. >> first she pitcher campaign on a childhood obesity in connection with baseball. >> mrs. obama made the day for
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some 50 area baltimore children. she hopes those children will get the message to live a healthy life. >> are you ready to eat more vegetables? are you ready to drink more water? scream! all right, let's do it. let's move. >> of the first lady was a hit at camden yards. she came to announce a jane eighth -- a joint effort between major league baseball and the white house. >> we have a simple goal of trying to end childhood obesity in one generation is so that children born today grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. with the help of players from the orioles to the rays, the first lady participated in a baseball skills clinic. >> it was cool. i have been waiting for its sins
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like to do days ago. it was exciting. >> even the players were impressed with the first lady's athleticism. >> she is very athletic. it was nice. >> she wants to do the right thing. addressing five of the city is a good thing. -- addressing childhood obesity is a good thing. >> coming up, we will introduce you to the two kids who will help the first lady throw out the first pitch. >> we begin tonight with a severe thunderstorm warning but we have seen rotation now. the national weather service has upgraded this storm to a tornado warning.
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rotation is showing up on hd doppler right now, and with you can see that purple right there, part of that right in randallstown. a tornado is possible with the storm itself. this includes the southern part of carroll county, part of an arundel county, parts of baltimore county and parts of howard county. right where you see this storm so, there is the potential for a tornado. a tornado warning has been issued for the county's i just mentioned until 5:30 p.m. we continue to follow breaking news, but a tornado warning is possible. >> we will be checking back with you very soon. a baltimore city police officer is under investigation after a woman told her he forced her to have sex to get out of a traffic violation. our lead investigative reporter has learned other details as well. she has the latest.
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>> the alleged incident occurred between late friday night and early saturday morning when the city police officer stopped a woman while on duty in northeast baltimore. >> the officer allegedly, and please, we have to keep an open mind, ask for is some kind of sexual favor as a result of getting out of a traffic infraction. >> investigators are now using the new gps tracking of police officers in which creates an electronic record of their movement while on duty to corroborate the woman's story. she claims she was driven around in the police car. police call the allegations as serious, but they want a hard evidence to avoid a case of he said/she said. >> we want to make sure there is forensic evidence to support the facts and the timeline of this investigation. >> we want to bring you right up to date on the tornado warning that is now in effect for several baltimore area counties. we will send it back to our meteorologist.
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>> we have a new information where the rotation has been detected. this is from the national weather service. can see the heavy downpour right around this part of near randall town. near ella, say there is a little bit of rotation that has been icott city ear ell some rotation has been detected. this is on the southern fringe of all of the massive, a heavy downpour. that is where we are detecting the rotation on our doppler. this is a tornado warning encompasses boundaries for four different counties, southeastern carroll county, northeastern howard county, southern part to more county and anne arundel county. pfft -- southeastern baltimore county and anne arundel county.
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take cover and stay off the road. >> i have a quick question for you. which direction is this sell headed in it? >> it is headed southeast of about 30 miles per hour. that is a pretty decent clip. there is concern about the water rotation and the lightning. any time you see purple on the doppler that is a massive downpour. there is such a humid air mass and a battery that moved through. that is why we are seeing this. now we are taking a live look with captain roy taylor. i am not sure what he is over right now, that you can see the heavy downpour. what we were concerned with with this sort of a thunderstorm was of the wind gusts. we had sporadic tornado activity -- i mean heavy downpours throughout the night. anytime you see it like this, it could mean tornadoes.
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these clouds are typically associated with a tornado. i am going to toss it over to roy taylor for more information. quests we are -- >> we are in the area of i-70. we're working our way westbound. we can tell you pretty much on the eye 70 corridor -- i-70 corridor, from the beltway going out is massive. we are getting significant wind buffeting. anything inseeinn terms of visual rotation, but we can tell you the storm is moving quickly. we have not seen lightning yet. right now, we can tell you that the storm is potentially dangerous. it is a lot of rain coming to us, heavy downpours.
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visibility is restricted. i am trying to work my way over to the south side of this storm. we're just outside the beltway. there you go. look at that. look at the way that cloud is coming. all on one second. -- hold on one second. we are going to try to get on the south side of this. we are working our way up route 40 right now. you can see how much potential energy is in a the storm just from the pictures that body has shown you through our camera. we are going to hang to the south side of the storm and watch it work its way to the southeast. we are watching the scattered thundershowers and lightning.
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the storm is moving rapidly south eastbound, coming up on route 40 right now at the task is a part. -- potasco state park. you normally do not see this kind of stuff around here. this is normally in the midwest. >> right, obviously everybody in the area should be taking cover, correct? >> yes, anyone who is in the path of the storm. you could pretty much that it out. i can tell you, up in the helicopter we are getting tougher round pretty good on the south side -- buffered a around
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pretty good on the south side of the storm. if you hear a freight train coming by, that is the sound of the storm makes. that is what we have here in the helicopter. if we get more information, we will send it back to you guys. >> we go back to our meteorologist. this could not come at a worse time, right in the middle of rush hour. should people bail off the road and take cover at this point? >> if you are in your car, the best thing to do is pull over on the side of the road and do not go anywhere. it is not safe out there. there is lightning associated with this storm. it is all the way from ellicott city to randallstown which is really in the middle of that heavy downpour, all the way over to the periphery of baltimore. this is a huge thunderstorm. conditions were ripe for this. we had potential -- we have had
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at all week with this warm weather and upper level disturbances. this is what we are stuck in. everything came together with this storm cell. it developed pretty quickly and is moving pretty quickly, which is good, but at this point, when you take a look at the radar and see this on here, a look at that cloud deck. that is what is associated with tornadoes. that is indicative. if you ever see that, you know that conditions are dangerous. >> if your at home, as we mentioned, go to the lowest part of your home. do not be near any windows. if you're in your car, but oliver to the side of the road. it is bad enough -- pull over to the side of the road. it is bad enough that it is rush hour. here are some tips that you should follow if you still have television service right now. head to the lowest level of your building.
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doorways are probably the safest areas. stay away from windows. you do not want to have flying glass in your case if those blow out. cover your head and wait for the storm to pass. if you are outside, crouched down to the lowest line area you can find. >> and this is taking place right now as captain roy and sandra have been saying. this is most intense area is over the elli caught city -- ellicott city, route 40 area. this is moving toward the southeast. >> we're talking about baltimore county, carroll county, howard county, anne arundel county. this a warning is in effect until 5:30 p.m. we have almost 20 minutes until we will be out of the clear, hopefully. sadr shaw has been tracking the situation. it really cropped up pretty quickly.
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i looked outside 10-15 minutes ago, and everything looked fine. >> that is the potential we have tonight. at any one point -- we actually have another matter that shows the counties that have been affected. this is a fast mover. right before this newscast, we saw the severe thunderstorm cell. it really multiplied and became more intense with more energy. as we mentioned, with the rotation is most likely is around ellicott city. this is leaving se at about 20- 35 miles per hour. we are not out of the west until 5:30 p.m. i continue to get more information right now. this super sell thunderstorm is huge right now, encompassing four counties in our area. we'll try to get more information on the radar to show you this thing.
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there was lightning earlier. now is there -- now there is intense wind. capt. rice said he was getting tossed around vigorously in -- capt. royce said he was getting tossed around vigorously in the helicopter. we have a moist, and humid air mass that is not typical for in our area. we have been stuck in it this is due for a number of days. we will have the same tomorrow. we are going to stay in this moist, sticky air mass. with that, there is potential to see a thunderstorm that could become a tornado. oy. us go back to capt. rig se visualsd some intentio with this. >> we can see clouds in the low part of this sell basin -- cell
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basin, but we have not seen anything touched the ground. we have seen a couple of lightning strikes. we still show this moving southeast. i guess you're showing the same thing. right now we are at route 40 and 29 on the backside of all of the activity that is going on. we are pretty much going to stay on the backside and watch as it works its way down toward the southeast. it is getting too nasty and the visibility is pretty bad. >> he is right on the edge of the storm. i am surprised he is still in the air. we have lost communication with him temporarily. we will get back to him as soon as we can. you are looking at the doppler radar map showing the area, parts of baltimore county, howard county, anne arundel
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county, carroll county. it is now moving south. the tornado warning is in effect until 5:30 p.m. sandra will keep us up-to-date as to whether that will be extended. >> it is moving very quickly and i am trying to get the hd doppler cleared. i can tell you that basically you can see where the heart of this thing is. here are the county's debt are affected. the heart of the storm is just getting ready to affect the city.ery of calellicott take a look of that. winword, parts of west baltimore. rotation is absolutely possible with that. north of columbia, even cadence fell area is kind of the heart of everything right now.
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i'm going to widen this out a little bit and show you again where the heart of this storm is. there have been sporadic thunderstorms throughout the area with this moist and humid air mass. this is just one cell affecting us, and because of that we are under the tornado warning. there is an uplift and rotation possible with this thing that we have a tornado warning. any time you see a purple heart like that on hd doppler, that is that dangerous situation. we cannot reiterate enough, this is in effect for the time being, until the least 5:30 p.m., and it may in fact be extended. it seems like it will be because this does a lot of punch. >> it is moving toward the south east. capt. was saying that it might be headed in the direction of
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bwi. >> it is moving at about 20-30 miles per hour. that is a good clip. >> but for a big storm like this, traffic at the airport will definitely be affected. >> absolutely. and we have the potential to see more of this throughout the night. if you're to the west, you are not really seeing anything, but this is a super-cell, and anytime you see that, you have potential for rotation, which is what we are seeing here. >> we have been showing you a series of live shots to give you an idea of the waves coming down. can see those very dark clouds. we were flying right on the french and getting a series of traffic updates. -- right on the fringe and getting a series of traffic updates. >> remind us what counties are underneath the warning. >> let's take it to whether one
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again and we will show you the peripheries and boundaries of these counties. southeastern carroll county, northeastern howard county, northern and around the county and southern baltimore county. that is where we are seeing the potential rotation. to show you that on hd doppler, that is basically where that purple is, right here. that is why earlier they were saying that if anything happens it might be just north of columbia. now is more toward the east where the heart of the storm is. right now, there is still potential for rotation. there is potential for a tornado. this is on hd doppler, exactly what we're looking at. we are seeing intense winds with this as well, a 40-60 miles per hour in the heart of the storm. >> heavy rain is hitting the roof of the building right now. >> and we are to the east. here we are over here. that is just a little bit of
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light yellow. if you have any information, please e-mail us. >> i was just about to say, our viewers are very interactive. they usually give us e-mails or call about what is going on. if you are still watching and are in the area, go ahead and send us an e-mail, tell us what is happening in your neighborhood purif. >> if you see what cloud, a huge cloud that just looks like a wall, that is when you need to take shelter. if you do not have a weather radio and do not know if there is a warning in effect, but if you see a wall like that, you know there is a potential for a tornado. we do not typically see tornadoes up here, but we are having an atypical warm humid air mass, more like the midwest would have. it is more like dixie here.
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>> five days after an earthquake, i could expect anything in our area. >> we get it all. >> this is a severe situation. just to reiterate, stay inside if you're not outside, and boy, what a miserable commute home. here are our tips for what to do when a tornado warning has been issued. had to the lowest level of the building and stay there. keep it here, because we will keep you posted on what is going on. as we continue to move to the south, carol county is getting in the clear, but the county's better in the line of fire would be our southern areas, and a rondo, howard, and down around ne arundal, -- and a renta howard, and down around the airport.
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>> people are probably thinking that they need to get off the road. >> by-95 at green spring is not really where the storm is. it is more to the south. >> exactly. that is not the heart of everything. the heart of the storm, if we can go into whether ii again here. it is in oil woodbridge's valley proper -- in a woodbridge and valley. ellicott city is just getting a heavy downpour right now. this is more southeasterly it looks like. >> it is really dark out there. >> maybe captain roy can tell us exactly where the shot is coming from. >> that is working its way from ellicott city right towards the airport. >> good grief.
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>> that dart, nasty stuff is fouling the state park, all the way down to the airport. it looks like it might hit just to the northeast side of the airport. we have not seen any more rotation out here, but we still see something that almost looks like the fingertips coming down. it is a rough ride as you get close to this thing. it is dumping a lot of water in a small area. >> we have not heard any calls for rescue going out at the present time, so that is the only good thing we can say. >> speaking of being near the airport, are you seeing anything else flying right now? >> they still have normal operations at bwi. they moved everything to the southern iran way and are landing toward the east. -- and -- they moved everything
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to the southern runway, and are landing toward the east. the storm has not actually got into the airport. right now, they're still doing a lot of takeoffs and landings. i can tell you, when the storm gets to them they will probably put a ground stop there until this thing goes by because of the turbulence of the weather. >> the heavy downpour, if nothing else, the amount of water that can be dumped in a short period of time, if you are out yesterday evening, some of the people on 83 had flattish -- had flash flood watches and warnings. this is heavy, heavy, heavy rain right now. this purple area is the heart of
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the storm. you can see that it is heading toward the airport area. look at that. right now, it is not quite as much of a couple -- much of a but it is so big that you have to be careful. >> you have to be careful of it bringing down power lines and trees. everyone in the area should be taking cover right now. if you want to, you can always communicate with us via facebook. get on your computer and tell us what you're seeing in your area. it is definitely coming down. this is 695 at route 40 west. that would be very close to where all of that is happening. you can tell that it is certainly causing traffic to go very slowly. >> it does not look like it is really pouring right there where
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it is, but the actual radar is showing water trying to make it to the ground and it is not really happening. it could be overkill on the radar right now, but any time you see a purple up like this you have to issue a tornado warning. that is why we are dealing with right now. the wind potential, in combination with the sort of storms we are going to be experiencing potentially tonight and tomorrow, heavy winds and in this case, the potential for rotation. >> it seems to me that tornado warning is going to be extended beyond 5:30 p.m. >> there is no word yet from the national weather service. nothing is hitting the ground right now. roy has not seen any rotation. either way, do not be out there. look at rainbow. what an incredible shot.
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beautiful, but nearly so. -- eerily so. again, take shelter. it -- we have a ways to go. this really encompasses the heart of central maryland. take a look at the entire mid- atlantic region. very warm, moist humid air mass is all around. again, this is the heavy rains and winds that we are most concerned with. as we move and you can see that the tornado warning was issued because of this right here, that purple. >> we are going to go back to capt. great taylor again, -- roy taylor right now. what are you saying -- seeing?
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>> if you look at the spray on a the beltway, a lot of water has been dumped here. traffic is growing at a crawl. the outer loop has had to slow down because of the spray. we are on the back side of this. we are pretty much following the storm as it goes along. right now, it is going anywhere from 35-38 miles per hour in a southeasterly direction. it is moving along rather quickly. everything behind us is all clear. the sun is out. we have a rainbow in front of us. i have never seen a rainbow this close to me, almost all the way around, the way we have this rainbow going right now. it is an amazing sight. traffic on 95 has been affected as well as people leave baltimore to head tords d.c.
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between the howard county line and baltimore county line, the wit of it is not that big, maybe eight miles, 7 miles, but it is tracking steadily southeast down. i still have not heard any calls come out referencing anyone being affected as far as lightning strikes or trees down. there have been a few accidents. so far, they have been minor. we are still monitoring that situation out here and we will get more information as we can. >> as bad as it looks right now, we have some light at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. >> in a thunderstorm that had the potential to produce this tornado is not as severe now.
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so basically, at 5:30 p.m., the warning is over. but the risk is not over. as it has been moving so quickly to the southeast, it has lost a little bit of energy, but it is still a huge cell encompassing much of maryland. >> well, we can all agree the collective sigh of relief. collective sigh of relief. we will be back with
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at 5:00, now in hd.
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>> welcome back to 11 news at 5:00. as you know, we have been following a tornado warning for most of the past half-hour, but that is now over. >> that does not mean we are out of the woods, because we still have a lot of heavy rain going on out there. >> that was one massive a thunderstorm that had the potential to become a tornado. it is now a lot less impressive than it was recently. we are still not out of the woods yet. there are still areas of heavy rainfall. this is moving very quickly and losing some intensity, but still a lot of heavy rain, downpours around baltimore city all the way up to the northeast corner of the state. however, no reports of damage from this tornado. it was a radar-indicated
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tornado. the potential was there because of the massive thunderstorm and the gusty winds. again, a very heavy thunderstorm is still moving through but it is not severe at this point. with that said, there is potential for more heavy downpour all evening long. i will tell you more about it in our extended forecast, coming up. >> new tonight of 5:30 p.m., a woman who many trusted inside their homes is in jail tonight. if she is charged with stealing valuables from elderly customers. we have the details. >> when all is said and done, we understand that this could well be a major bust for the carroll county sheriff's office. the value of this may reach $100,000 in stolen merchandise. sheriff's deputies have arrested and charged a 52-year-old woman
5:34 pm
in a felony investigation that began back in june. she was placing ads on grocery store bulletin boards for cleaning services and her target was the elderly. >> you cannot trust people anymore. i am 70 years old and i have trusted a lot of people in my life. i have never had this happen. >> for this couple thought they had hired someone they could trust. as it turns out, they were completely taken advantage of. it was several months ago when carol got sick and the couple decided to hire a woman to clean their home after placing a business card -- after she placed a business card in their mailbox. >> she came once a week until i found stuffed missing. >> she says she had her suspicions the woman was stealing from her when she noticed cash missing but could not prove it. then, she could not find it to the valuable rings, one a family
5:35 pm
heirloom. she confronted her cleaning woman, who denied it. >> if that is the way you feel, i will not come any more. she was cool, calm and collected .bout the whole thing purif >> of the ring was tracked down at a local mall. a further investigation revealed that the woman had stolen more than $13,000 worth of valuables clientsients tom's -- houses, and the number may be growing. >> several customers have paid cash. the records of their whereabouts are unknown. >> the woman is apparently no stranger to swindling the elderly. according to the state's attorney's office, she was convicted of a felony theft scheme for stealing more than $200,000 from an elderly woman by gaining access to our bank
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accounts, claiming that she was paying the woman's bills. police say she received a five- year suspended sentence and paid back about $45,000 of what she stole. >> so far, this woman has been charged with felony theft of greater than at $10,000, but many more charges are pending. she is being held without bond. sheriff's deputies want to hear from any other possible the stems, whether it is victims themselves or family members. -- any other possible victims, whether it is victims of themselves or family members. call the sheriff's office if you have information. >> teams have recovered the body of a baltimore county man who disappeared while swimming in the liberty reservoir. he disappeared while trying to swim about 100 yards to the shore. his companions tried to help
5:37 pm
them but were unable to find him. his body was found about 25 feet under the water, 25 feet from shore. that area is off limits for swimming. >> first lady michelle obama will take part in the first pitch ceremony of the game between the orioles and the game time is 7:05 p.m., weather permitting. the police officer is on administrative leave after being accused of asking for sexual favors in exchange for letting a woman out of a ticket. police are still investigating the case. state police are investigating at deadly accident at westminster. authorities say the accident involved three vehicles and a trash truck. a 19-year-old boy died at the scene.
5:38 pm
police believe his vehicle crossed the center line and hit a truck. >> big brother is watching more than ever. officers are now carrying cameras called scorpions that are part of a reform in butler county. there in the testing phase. you push a button or they can be a voice activated. >> with the car camera, so many times when an officer makes us stop, you only see what is in front of you. >> police are considering using the camera inside the prison as an extra set of eyes on inmates. right now, the shrek is working out the legal details. -- the sheriff is working out the legal details. >> a fight between two young girls is drawing a lot of
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5:40 pm
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>> police in michigan are investigating a fight between two girls that was posted on
5:42 pm
youtube. one of the girls' mothers and witnessed the fight. the mother of the other girl involved is serious. she said she did not know her daughter was involved and cannot believe the other mom and dad. -- mom did. >> watching children fight like this and basically she was like, this is ok to do. this is not ok to do. >> police say the investigation is open and they will not say whether the mother who witnessed the incident will face any charges. >> former governor rod blagojevich may finally take the witness stand in his trial. arrived in court in his usually upbeat mood, smiling and waving to people. his brother asked the judge for help yesterday. he said he had no part in alleged plans to trade, former
5:43 pm
senator obama's -- to trade president obama's former senate seat for funds. the senate judiciary committee voted today to approve elena kagan's nomination to the supreme court. the 13-6 of that sends the nomination to the full senate where she is expected to be confirmed as early as next week to succeed retiring justice john paul stevens. just one republican senator, lindsey gramm, that supported the nominee. >> it is hard to believe that retailers already have their sights set on christmas. >> coming up, more deals and black friday being just days away. find out why santa is trading in his red suit. >> we had a tornado warning of earlier that has expired. we still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 or parts of baltimore and anne arundel counties.
5:44 pm
right now, it is 87 degrees at
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>> here is a look at some of the stories we aren't working on for 6:00. maryland's highest court will not be on the november ballot. we will have the latest. first lady michelle obama will show off her pitching skills at tonight's's orioles a game. find out what inspired the special visit. we will have these stories and
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>> is a sticky hot day fielding an active and whether tonight.
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tornado warnings for four different counties in our viewing area. we still have a couple of storms that we are tracking, all part of the same super estella that had the potential to spawn a partornado. right now, in parts of baltimore county, you can see a heavy downpour that is very small, very minimal compared to what we were seeing. the storm warning expires at 6:00, but there is still potential for heavy downpour and gusty wind. the tornado warning expired at 5:30 p.m. in the meantime, take a look at all of the storm activity in our region because of this warm humid air mass. there is a frontal boundary hovering right near the pennsylvania state line. and there are humid conditions and a lot of moisture in the air. that is not going to get out of
5:48 pm
here until thursday, and when it does, we will feel the heat full force. for the rest of tonight, we see a lot of clouds out there and heavy downpour. as far as the forecast, we will not see a lot of relief as far as the cooling down. we will only be in the 70's for the overnight lows. a severe thunderstorm warning remains in affect until 6:00 for parts of anne arundel county and baltimore county. there will be continued showers for not only tonight but the majority of tomorrow as well. highs for tomorrow are still above normal, 85 in the mountains. in the heart of central maryland it will be in the low-90's yet again. today at the airport there was a high of 93 degrees. this storm pot at about 5:00 tonight. if you can dodge the storms,
5:49 pm
there is not yet a small craft advisory warning. that may change. there is an area of low pressure that is going to skirt to our north tomorrow. it is going to dissipate over the area on thursday. high pressure will build and we will see as a dry but hot day on a thursday. it is an extremely hot weekend ahead. this bermuda high is going to set up right off shore. the humidity will be streaming in from the deep south. we are looking at 99 degrees for a forecast high on saturday with higher heat index is. out in the tropics, a major wave is expected to be our next tropical system in the next 48 hours. it could be affecting the bahamas by the weekend. we are tracking it but it is not named yet. take a look at this heat. the real he'd get here on saturday with a high of 99 degrees. sunday will cool back down to
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normal levels in the upper-80's. >> in tonight consumer alert, some encouraging economic news for the airline industry. delta, the world's largest airline, has posted its biggest profit in nearly a decade. not only are more americans traveling again, but they are filling seats on planes despite raised ticket prices. believe it or not, retailers across the country are already getting ready for the christmas shopping season five months away. our reporter tells us where to look to save on holiday shopping this summer. >> walking around, there are more sandals and issues. but on some stores, the mindset is on something else. the focus is on christmas and shopping ford in july, with deals usually reserved for debate -- shopping for it in
5:51 pm
july, which deals usually reserved for the holiday. >> a year trying to see what kind of business we can get online. >> this friday, expect price reductions on toys and electronics. santa traded in his red suit for a swim suit in the toys r us a window. he is promoting big deals in stores and online, where they are offering free shipping. sears is participating too. not everybody wants to start. >> this is ridiculous. let us enjoy our summer. it is too short as it is. >> i would probably buy the stuff and forget i bought it. >> retailers are convinced the deals will be just too good for consumers to ignore. >> you always have to wait until
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after this giving to listen to christmas music -- you always have to wait until after thanksgiving to listen to christmas music and shop for christmas toys. it seems to be happening earlier and earlier. >> parents may be spending more this year on back-to-school items. the back-to-school season is the second-largest sales time, right after the holiday spending time. retailers such as the gap and macy's are introducing new clothing lines to lure shoppers in. .com is reporting that for the first time ever, the books out sold hardbacks. -- e-books outsold hardbacks. they did not disclose how paperback sales compared, the day is still likely out a number e-books.
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>> we have breaking news. an accident, not surprising in this weather. we go to skype team 11. >> they are starting to pop up. there is a five car pileup. one lane is still shut down which is causing issues on the route. this is up in the beltway on the southwest side of i-95. because of the rain and the weather, it is going to be a mess for people trying to get over. >> slots or no slots? and that is the question. >> after being turned down because of a zoning ordinance, the honors of a slot allocation were in the full battle mode today in annapolis. details are coming up at 6:00. >> coming
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> it seems like there is a summer camp for every interest these days, but a new camp at the lyric opera house had kids auditioning and just to get a spot. we have a more. >> for these young performers, there has never been anything like it. 30 middle-schoolers and from all over the city auditioned and made the cut for opera camp.
5:57 pm
the camp teaches them about every aspect of opera. >> a voice, a drama, set and stage design, even at stage combat. >> i am having a lot of fun. opera camp is exciting. >> the camp is a free and thanks to private donors and is going on while the lyric is under renovation. that kids get to take field trips, and are creating their own opera that will be performed at the end of the camp. this is helping dispel their impressions of opera. >> i really did not understand it, but now i understand it more after i learned about it and performers come here and perform it. >> kids nowadays think opera is a big fat women screaming. that is not what it is about. it is about expressing. it is about telling stories. >> i went to an opera show
5:58 pm
before, but i cannot really understand what the story was about. now i understand how the story can get across. >> opera camp has been so much fun, at the lyric opera is planning to do it again next year. >> that is all for us at 5:00, and if you missed any of the newscast, you can see it again tonight. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> slots in at the mall? and not so fast. maryland's highest court wants the voters and to make the decision. >> at the first lady hits a home run a poor health. -- common for help. -- homerun for health.
5:59 pm
>> a storm system moves through the area creating a tornado warning. >> and thankfully, no reports of anything touching down, but that the system did provide a lot of the wind and rain. our meteorologist has the latest. >> it encompassed the periphery of four different counties across the area. the radar indicated some rotation so a tornado warning was issued. we are just on the end of a severe thunderstorm warning. here is the strongest potential right now. is minimized significantly from earlier. there will be heavy downpours. another area around columbia will be producing heavy downpours. there are still gusty winds in excess of 40 miles per hour. take a look at the mid-atlantic. there are a bunch of thunderstorms, some strong to severe. there is a lightning down


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